Evaluation Checklist



  • Can users tell they’re using, specifically, Bazaar Ceramics website
  • Do the layouts have enough space to display relevant information required?
  • Do the layouts have a good look and feel?
  • Can customers easily find Bazaar Ceramics contact information
  • Is legal information present?
  • Can customers provide feedback & testimonies?
  • Can customers easily find background information


  • Can account customers login?
  • Can account customers use account order forms?
  • Can non-account users use order forms?
  • Do users get what they expect when they enter the website?
  • Can users easily browse & find products to order
  • Are the layouts consistent for the users experience, ie, designs aren’t erratically different between themselves, are similar


  • Out of 10 (10 being highest), How easy is it to read the text?
  • Out of 10(10 being highest), How easy do you think new users will be able to understand the website?
  • Are the navigation buttons easy to understand?
  • Is navigation consistent
  • Can information be easily located
  • Can you tell what page you’re on?